YMCA A collect maximum points

Newly-introduced 'bat and chat' sessions at Pontefract Squash Club on Friday mornings are proving popular. Players are pictured at the first session.

YMCA A stormed to a 10-0 win at C Station B in Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League.

Steve Morris, Peter Hugill and Rob Connell all won their three singles games for YMCA A.

C Station’s John Wainwright, lost over three sets to Morris and over four sets to Hugill and Connell.

Marc Lumb lost over three sets to all YMCA A’s trio and an unnamed player was also beaten despite showing an improvement.

Morris and Connell beat John Wainwright and Marc Lumb in the doubles to complete a clean sweep.

Ferrybridge A won 7-3 at C Station A.

Alan Yip recovered from 2-1 down to beat Ferrybridge captain Keith Lumb in the fifth set.

Lumb was also beaten in five sets by Dennis Shaw but he defeated Tim Condon narrowly over three sets, the latter to deuce.

Richard Fry lost to both Condon and Yip over three sets each but he took a set off Shaw in a four-set defeat,

Andy Adams beat Shaw in the fifth set but he lost to Condon over four sets and to Yip over three.

Yip and Shaw beat Lumb and Adams over four close sets in the doubles.

A new scheme to encourage adults to keep fit by playing table tennis at Pontefract Squash Club on Stuart Road on Friday mornings is proving a big success.

Adults of all ages, male and female. whether experienced at table tennis or not, can take part in weekly ‘bat and chat’ sessions organised by Table Tennis England and supported by Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League.

Sixteen players, four of whom had previously played in the local league, attended the first session.

The second session attracted seven new players of mixed abilities who were all new to the league.

At the first two sessions, coaching was on hand for those wanting to hone their skills but many just welcomed the opportunity to try the sport for the first time or pick up a bat after a lengthy absence from the sport.

Dennis Shaw, of the Castleford, Pontefract and District League, said: “It was an excellent turn out for the first session and much beyond my expectations.

“We will continue to ask the participants what they want from the sessions and hopefully in time this will help grow our local league’.”

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