YMCA A feeling just champion

YMCA A defeated YMCA B 6-4 in a last match decider.
YMCA A defeated YMCA B 6-4 in a last match decider.

YMCA A beat YMCA B 6-4 in a last match decider to win the Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League championship by two clear points.

Man of the match Rob Connell won all his games, beating Chris Inman over five sets and Mark Cambridge and John Keegan over three sets.

He was ably assisted by Peter Hugill, who beat Chris over three, lost to Mark, but came back to beat John in the deciding game over five sets, by the closest of margins.

Both players took the doubles over four, beating Chris and John.

YMCA A’s third player Alan Hanson could not add to the score, losing to Mark and John over three sets.

He rallied in the final game, taking Chris to five by winning the first and fourth sets but lost 11-9 in the final set.

For the B team, Mark Cambridge achieved the accolade of best team player by winning two games, beating Peter over five sets and Alan over three.

John and Chris managed one win each.

In their final game of the season, YMCA B sealed second place in the league by beating Knottingley B 10-0.

Mark Cambridge wonall his three games, but met resistance from Bob McNaught, who, in losing over three sets, lost the first and third by only two points.

In meeting Dave Cooper he came up against their strongest player. Mark won the first two sets, but lost the next two sets by the margin of two points and, in an epic struggle, managed to win the fifth 19-17.

He also had a struggle against Neil Cooper, but managed a win over four, again taking the final set by just two points.

Chris Inman fared better, winning all his games over three sets, albeit closely.

Graham Wylie, in only his second game of the season, and still recovering from surgery, beat Bob over three, Dave over four and Neil narrowly over five in a very close competition which saw the last set ending 13-11 in his favour.

The doubles went to Chris and Graham again narrowly over four sets, beating the Cooper brothers.

In their final game, YMCA D beat Knottingley A 9-1.

In a one sided affair, most games were won over three sets.

Debbie Wanbon and Gordon Cooper beat Tim Condon, Alan Yip and Paul Meason.

Ian Instone managed the same against Tim and Alan, but in meeting Paul he lost over four sets in a very close competition.

Paul had previously lost to Debbie over three and Gordon over four.

In the doubles Debbie and Ian rounded off their evening solidly, beating Tim and Alan over three sets.

YMCA C completed their season by beating C Station B 10-0.

Bailey Pye beat Keith Lumb and Rob White over three sets and Richard Lumb over four, clearly indicating his continued progress.

Conor Morris too showed good form by beating Keith over sets, Rob over three and Richard over five, albeit in a close encounter.

Daniel Ferguson also beat Keith and Rob over three but felt resistance from Rob who lost by seven points overall.

He experienced a few problems with Richard, but beat him in the fifth.

Conor and Daniel beat Rob and Richard in the doubles over four sets.

The closed championships will take place in mid March.

Final table (all played 14 matches): YMCA A won 12, drawn 1, lost 1, points 25; YMCA B 11-1-2-23; YMCA D 8-5-1-21; YMCA C 7-3-4-17; Knottingley Sc A 5-2-7-12; C Station A 3-1-10-7; Knottingley Sc B 3-1-10-7; C Station B 0-0-14-0.