YMCA’s four teams dominate league title race

Leaders YMCA A won 9-1 at Knottingley B.
Leaders YMCA A won 9-1 at Knottingley B.

Castleford, Pontefract and District Table Tennis League leaders YMCA A won 9-1 at lowly Knottingley B.

YMCA A are two points clear of YMCA B who have a match in hand.

Dave Cooper was the only Knottingley player to win a game in a landmark victory for him, beating John Senior over four sets.

Knottingley’s Bob McNaught and Dave Cooper’s brother Neil lost all their matches, although they each took a game off John.

Bob lost over three to Peter Hugill and Rob Connell, as did Neil.

Dave lost over three to Peter but managed a set win over Rob in the second by two points. Peter lost in the third set by two points and in the fourth by six.

Bob and Neil lost over three sets to John and Peter in the doubles.

It remains close at the top of the table, with the four YMCA teams filling the top four places.

YMCA D and YMCA C, who are currently third and fourth respectively, could make life a little difficult for the top two who have both lost a match already this season to their club mates.

YMCA won 9-1 at C Station A.

C Station’s Keith Lumb lost all his games as did regulars Richard Lumb and Rchard Fry.

Keith showed resistance again Daniel Ferguson, winning the first game over four, and did the same against Connor Morris, but lost over three to Bailey Pye.

Richard Fry lost all his three games over three, although some were close sets.

C Station B lost 7-3 to clubmates C Station A.

B team member Keith Lumb showed his skill by winning all his three games.

He defeated Andy Adams and Richard Fry over three and beat his son Richard narrowly over five sets.

C Station B’s Dave Tennant lost all his games over three, and Rob White fared a little better, losing over four to Andy and to Richard Lumb over three sets.

The doubles went to the A team.

Knottingley A, in their second game this season against second-placed YMCA B, lost 9-1.

Dennis Shaw was Knottingley’s only winner against Carl Keegan, who took him to five sets but lost by two points in the final set.

Tim Condon lost to Mark Cambridge over four, Carl over five and John Keegan over three. Paul Meason did the same.

Tim and Dennis lost the doubles to Mark and Carl over three sets.

LEAGUE PLACINGS: YMCA A played 8, won 7, points 14; YMCA B 7-6-12; YMCA D 7-4-10; YMCA C 7-4-9; Knottingley A 8-3-6; C Station A 8-3-6; Knottingley B 7-1-3; C Station B 8-0-0.