Pontefract boost chances of avoiding relegation

Pontefract achieved a much needed win.
Pontefract achieved a much needed win.

Pontefract climbed off the foot of Yorkshire Chess League Division Two with a much-needed 6-2 win against Dewsbury.

Chris Roche was first to finish, winning a pawn and then rook. Norman Carr, after a large exchange of pieces, was a pawn down but gained a draw.

Top board Colin Procter won after being a knight for rook up and then a pawn up in endgame.

Steve Parker put pressure on his opponent’s pieces which gave him a good win. Pete Gray was a pawn up but his king was exposed and he could not stop mate and resigned. Peter Cooper was offered a draw and but decide to carry on and eventually won.

Steve Spencer, who was in a good position a pawn down, settled for a draw.

Adam Routledge was offered a draw but, with his opponent in time trouble, he refused and was just going to mate as his opponent’s flag dropped.