Pontefract far too good for bottom team

Adam Routledge got back to winning ways.
Adam Routledge got back to winning ways.

Pontefract boosted their chances of avoiding relegation from Yorkshire Chess League Division Two by thrashing bottom team Bradford B 7-1.

Adam Routledge got back to winning ways by gaining a knight with a pawn fork on queen and knight which resulted in his opponent resigning.

Colin Procter, with some smart play, won a bishop and rook and ultimately the game.

Bill Pinder lost a rook for a bishop pin but with a knight fork he won a pawn and rook which gave him a clear win.

Mike Farley arrived late due to traffic but made up for lost time by finishing off his opponent with a rook-bishop combination on king.

Steve Parker, with his king under attack from three pieces, managed to reverse the situation to win the game.

Peter Cooper used Dutch defence and then a good king side attack to force mate. Roy Thomas gained an early pawn but his opponent hit back to gain a draw

Norman Carr had his opponent’s king in all sorts of trouble but the Bradford player managed to salvage a draw.

YORKSHIRE CHESS LEAGUE DIVISION 2 POSITIONS: Bradford Central played 9, won 9, points 18; York RI B 9-8-16; Sheffield C 9-5-11; Wakefield A 9-4-10; Rose Forgrove B 9-4-10; Hull DCA B 8-4-9; Calderdale B 9-3-8; Sheffield D 9-4-8; Pontefract 9-3-6; Harrogate B 9-1-5; Dewsbury 8-1-3; Bradford B 9-1-2.