Pontefract trounced in opening match

Pontefract lost 8-0 in their opening fixture.
Pontefract lost 8-0 in their opening fixture.

Pontefract Chess Club started the new season in Yorkshire League Division Two with an 8-0 drubbing against a strong Sheffield C team.

It was the first time Pontefract had suffered a whitewash in over 10 years.,

It all went downhill for Pontefract after Bill Pinder’s blunder in an unfamiliar opening lost two pieces.

It saw Pinder lose the game very quickly.

Pete Gray looked to be involved in an even game until he got his knight pinned against king and lost it to a pawn. With queens off, there was no get out.

Chris Roche, a pawn down, couldn’t stop it from being promoted without loss of material so he resigned.

Norman Carr’s opponent got his two rooks on open file which proved too strong and won the Sheffield player the game.

Dave Hatfield had a close game until losing a pawn in the end game which proved fatal.

Steve Spencer’s opponent had a strong battering ram of queen and two rooks on the same column and despite strong resistance from the Pontefract man he slipped to defeat.

Peter Cooper sacked a bishop to open up the king but was not strong enough and lost to a counter attack.

Steve Parker on the last board tried to prevent Pontefract’s whitewash. He was in a drawn position but lost a piece in time trouble and became the eighth loser.