Pontefract will need to improve to escape relegation

Pontefract lost to Sheffield C.
Pontefract lost to Sheffield C.

PONTEFRACT’S relegation worries increased in Yorkshire Chess League Division Two with a 5½-2½ defeat against Sheffield C.

Pontefract are still looking for their first win after drawing five games and losing three.

They will need to improve if they are to avoid relegation.

They made a shaky start against Sheffield when Norman Carr lost a pawn to a clever knight move and eventually resigned.

Chris Roche’s king came under a strong attack and the Pontefract player was unable to prevent mate.

Colin Procter, on top board, was involved in a bishop versus knight pawn ending and accepted an inevitable draw.

Steve Spencer also accepted a draw in a tight match.

Roy Thomas was in control throughout his game. He finished a pawn up but had to settle for a draw in a rook ending.

Peter Cooper won a bishop in a knight fork but his opponent’s queen got pretectual check and the game ended in a draw.

Steve Parker also drew after being a bishop for rook up but two pawns down.

Late arrival Adam Routledge lost after never being in the game.