Roche is Pontefract’s match-winner

Chris Roche gave Pontefract the edge.
Chris Roche gave Pontefract the edge.

Pontefract beat second bottom York 4½-3½ in a Yorkshire Chess League Division Two relegation battle.

Pontefract started badly and fell behind 2-0.

Dave Parton, playing too fast, lost in less than 15 moves and Peter Cooper had to resign with knight forking his king and queen.

Pontefract levelled when newcomer Ian Haley won in a pawn end game and Bill Pinder, a rook up after 10 moves, double checked his opponent with a pawn promotion and mate.

Top board Steve Parker agreed a draw and Dave Hatfield and Norman Carr were also involved in draws. That left Chris Roche still playing with a rook up. His opponent tried to force a draw but he lost to steady play by Chris who was Pontefract’s match-winner.