Castleford Tigers coach Daryl Powell tempted to ring changes

Daryl Powell. Picture: Allan McKennzie/
Daryl Powell. Picture: Allan McKennzie/

Head coach Daryl Powell admits he is tempted to make big changes to his Castleford Tigers side for the local derby at Wakefield Trinity on Friday.

Powell has warned some of his senior players that they are on borrowed time in the team unless they improve on what they delivered against Leeds Rhinos last week.

He said: “We’ve got some players who can come in and I’ve got to make a call on who’s in the team this week.

“We’ve got to get it right. It’s whether we give another go to some senior players or bring some young players in?

“There’s a temptation there for both and I’ve got to work it out. It’s an important game for us.

“Jake Trueman will be back and I’ve got a decision to make on who to play with Truey at half-back - and I’ve got a few decisions like who’s going to play well this week?

“We’ve got some players in there who are just not playing well and how much opportunity do I give them to get back into form or do I put fresh people in?

“That’s a big call I’ve got to make and I’m being honest in saying I haven’t made it yet.

“We’ve got staff meeting at which we’ll decide who’s in the team this week.”

Powell was frustrated at aspects of the Tigers display in their 18-10 defeat to Leeds Rhinos.

He added: “We were benign with the ball from an attacking perspective until the latter end of the game when we should have won the game. And then Greg Eden does that pass, it’s absolutely crazy.

“We’ve defended okay. We’ve never been the best defensive team, but we have been the best attacking team at times.

“Both sides of it at the moment you’re thinking come on boys you’ve got to be better than this.

“In the first half we had enough attacking field position to win two games.

“But I don’t think we really challenged the Leeds defence. They scrambled pretty well, but our accuracy on good ball wasn’t quite there.”