Castleford boss not expecting many changes to his squad for 2016

Daryl Powell
Daryl Powell

Castleford Tigers boss Daryl Powell admits there are irons in the fire for signings for next year, but does not expect to be making as many changes to his squad as he had to for 2015.

The Tigers started this year with eight new faces and have since added Ryan Bailey to their ranks, but Powell hopes there will be more continuity this time.

He said: “We are hoping not to have too many changes.

“There’ll be a few, but we haven’t finalised those yet.

“We don’t want to have eight or nine players like last year. It was too big a turnover and we have found it quite difficult at the start of the season, particularly changing two half-backs and a hooker.

“It’s taken a fair while to get where we’ve wanted to and we have had to narrow our game down a little bit.

“It was a little bit tougher than I thought. I thought it would fit together a little bit easier than it did. Obviously injuries haven’t helped.

“We won’t be changing as many, but there will be changes for next year.”

Powell is pleased with how well his side has done so far in the Super League in 2015 as they sit in sixth place with six games to go.

He added: “I think we’ve been outstanding to be honest to be where we are when you look at what’s happened to us over the year.

“We’ve had a lot of injuries to key players that’s made it really difficult for us and we’ve battled our way through it.

“We’ve had to stabilise our game, which we’ve done, and I think we’ve done a really good job to be where we are.

“We are equal fourth. It’s been a challenging period, but we’ve come through it and we’ve given ourselves a chance to kick on now.

“There’s still loads more challenges, but we’ve done well.”