Castleford boss Powell left frustrated by players and officials

Daryl Powell speaks to the press after Castleford Tigers' game against St Helens. Picture: Matthew Merrick
Daryl Powell speaks to the press after Castleford Tigers' game against St Helens. Picture: Matthew Merrick

Angry head coach Daryl Powell did not pull any punches after Castleford Tigers’ latest defeat to St Helens.

The Tigers boss was a frustrated figure after seeing his side concede eight tries to lose 40-18 and was fuming with his players and the performance of referee Chris Kendall.

“It was hugely disappointing,” said Powell.

“We’re getting some tough things happening to us, we lost Benny Roberts again and had to have a complete reshuffle. We didn’t have Jake Webster or Joe Wardle to put in there so that puts us completely out of synch.

“But I watch Hull at the moment and they have got some balls about them and I don’t think we’ve got any when we get under pressure against the better teams. We just couldn’t defend.

“I thought we started with a real verve about us with the ball and put them under pressure, but players have got to do their jobs, we can’t finish tries or make tackles. There was just too much of that and Saints are a very good team.

“They are playing well, they’re playing with confidence and they’re not getting what we’re getting at the moment, having to reshuffle our team all over the place. But you still expect a degree of toughness within a team and I thought it was missing for us for too much of the game.

“Too many of our players have to change – they have to change – if we are to have a chance of doing anything.

“We need to work harder and we need to be tougher. We gave Saints 40 minutes of a tough game a fortnight ago and we did it for about 20 minutes today.

“We cared about defence last year and I don’t think do at the moment.

“It’s got to be about individual honesty and integrity towards doing your job well.

“Players have got to be able to do their jobs better and officials have got to do their job better as well.

On the officiating, Powell added: “I thought the officiating was as bad as us tonight.

“When the game was in the balance – and it wasn’t for that long – we can’t get a decision going our way.

“Where do you start? The first penalty decision where someone gets put on their back and that gets pulled for an infringement and a penalty. On his back, not on his head! Then there’s one soon after on the other side not given. I just think have some consistency about you.

“The 50-50s are not going our way at the moment and you get that sometimes. We couldn’t get any of them until the game’s gone.”