Millward departure was ‘best for both parties’

Ian Millward.
Ian Millward.

Ian Millward has confirmed that his parting of the ways with Castleford Tigers was “amicable” and praised the commitment of chairman Jack Fulton to the club.

Speaking for the first time on his departure from Castleford, Millward said on the BBC’s Super League Show that the decision for him to move on had been made after he held face-to-face talks with the chairman.

He said: “Jack was looking for some guarantees and what sort of games we could win and it was probably the best for both parties to part because there are a lot of challenges for whoever is there.

“It was very amicable. Jack Fulton is a tremendous chairman. If it wasn’t for him, there wouldn’t be a club.

“I was pleased for the opportunity but it was a big challenge. I love coaching, I love being involved with rugby league, it just didn’t happen to be the right place at the right time.”

Millward reckons whoever succeeds him would need assurances on the club’s future before taking the job.

He added: “The first question they need to ask is what sort of system and what resources they will have salary wise. I think it’s well documented that there’s only Wakefield and Cas who don’t spend the full salary cap.

“Obviously there’s the ground and the next licence and the club have had three CEOs in the last 12 months and now they’ve got an inexperienced CEO so there’s a lot of things there that are time-consuming but also draining off the field.

“A lot of things have been put on hold at Cas because they want a new stadium, but is there going to be a new stadium?

“And during all those five years waiting for it, have they lost track on all the other clubs?”