Millward: Errors are hurting us

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CASTLEFORD coach Ian Millward felt his side again paid dear for errors as they suffered a seventh successive Super League defeat with a 42-28 home loss against Hull on Sunday.

Millward (pictured) said: "I thought at times there wasn't a lot between the two teams.

"Our effort is good and our energy is good, but some of the errors we come up with hurt us. They are just little things, but it takes the pressure off the opposition or creates pressure back on us.

"We played a lot better than last week, played with a lot more energy and ruthlessness, but the points we are conceding; it is something we need to continue to work on."

Millward revealed he would be taking another look at an incident in the second half that saw Kirk Dixon collide with a Hull player as he looked to latch on to a grubber kick.

He added: "I didn't see it all myself, but we kicked the ball into the in-goal area and Dixon got flattened off the ball as he was going for it. We actually stopped and they ran; we never got set and they scored in the corner.

"I don't want to take away from a couple of errors but that was a big turning point. There were eight points in the game then.

"He may have been correct, the linesman, but a lot of people seemed to think there might have been something there."