Millward: We showed a lack of respect for the opposition

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CASTLEFORD Tigers coach Ian Millward (pictured) had no excuses for Castleford’s 23-16 Challenge Cup defeat at Featherstone on Saturday.

The Tigers lost full-back Richard Owen and centre Kirk Dixon to injury early in the second half but Millward refused to blame that.

He said: “Richie Owen probably shouldn’t have played but he said he wanted to play.

“That’s not the reason we lost the game. I still thought we were good enough with 15 to win.

“You’ve got to acknowledge how good Featherstone were. The only thing I was surprised about was us.

“From a mental point of view we fell very short. I thought we looked tired and I don’t think anyone played to the best of their ability.

“In the first half our defence was poor and in the second half our attack was poor. That’s what cost us.

“The disappointing thing is, if you look at our last four or five games, we’ve been on an upward spiral so to do that today showed a lack of respect for the opposition.”