Rovers and Tigers have same main sponsor

Rovers chairman Mark Campbell: "Being associated with Probiz is magnificent for Featherstone Rovers."
Rovers chairman Mark Campbell: "Being associated with Probiz is magnificent for Featherstone Rovers."

FEATHERSTONE Rovers and Castleford Tigers will have the same main shirt sponsor next season.

National accountancy set-up Probiz, who sponsor the Tigers, will also be Co-operative Championship title-winners Featherstone’s principal sponsor in 2012.

Probiz branding featured on Featherstone’s playing kit in the Co-operative Championship Grand Final victory against Sheffield Eagles last season.

Probiz founder Feisal Nahaboo said: “There is no doubt that Featherstone are the best Rugby League club outside the Super League.

“Their emphatic Grand Final win which I attended over a useful Sheffield side demonstrated just that. Our brand has to be associated with leaders and champions and of course those clubs we have grown fond of such as Castleford Tigers who are striving for excellence.

“To be in a position to support and help deprived areas, swells my heart that we are helping and supporting households who see Rugby League as an important facet in their life.

“We understand the rivalry between Castleford Tigers and Featherstone Rovers and so there should be. Fans love their club and show this in their passion and support. Without this the game is dead.

“Probiz is here to support fans wanting to see their clubs grow and develop and build upon their past successes. We have made a statement that we are supporting people, the game and the future of the game.

“We are friends of people and we will endeavour to support areas in need. The last few months have been fantastic, Featherstone were impressive Grand Final winners whilst it was a pleasure to sit with Rangi Chase all evening and then to see him win the best player of the league award - the Man of Steel award in Manchester.

“We also saw West Brom finish a record 11th in Premier League, Lancashire Cricket won the league for the first time in 77 years and complete underdogs Leicester CCC won the T20 unexpectedly.

“Wigan of course won the Challenge Cup for first time in over a decade. So Probiz has made some impact - or we are a lucky charm! Who cares as long as those clubs we are associated with progress!

“In a world of uncertainty, filled with economic hardship and families struggling, to see Rugby League ignite so many families shows the game is a winner and there is room for so many people to enjoy moments of happiness and to forget our problems as we focus on sharing celebrations.

“We look forward to the new coming season and we expect Probiz to continue its on-going support to sports clubs in varying industries across the UK.”

Rovers commercial manager Paul Taylor said: “We are thrilled that Probiz have agreed to become our principal commercial partner in 2012.

“Being associated with Probiz is a very exciting development for Featherstone Rovers and a significant coup for the club.

“Probiz are commercial partners with many leading sports organisations and for Featherstone Rovers to join the likes of Wigan Warriors, Castleford Tigers, West Bromwich Albion FC, Sheffield United FC Lancashire CCC, Sussex CCC, Leicestershire CCC, Hampshire and the League Managers Association (LMA) is great news. We understand Probiz will unveil several new partners in due course so we are privileged to be first with Sheffield United FC and Leicester CCC as their latest new partners.

“Probiz were also title sponsors of the World Club Challenge in 2011 which epitomises the fact that leading brands are taking note of our achievements.

“After winning the League Leaders Shield for two consecutive years and being crowned Co-operative Championship Grand Final winners, the club is really going places both on and off the field.

“Our on the field success has enabled the club to attract professional national brands such as Probiz.

“The ground developments taking place and being a Commercial Partner of Probiz will undoubtedly put us in a strong position for the next round of Super League licences. Once again, I would like to thank Feisal Nahaboo for his support and look forward to working commercially with Probiz helping to promote some exciting and unique services.”

Rovers chairman Mark Campbell said: “Being associated with Probiz is magnificent for Featherstone Rovers. Probiz only associate themselves with sporting organisations and individuals who are ambitious and successful.

“Paul Taylor and chief executive Simon Riley attended the Probiz annual conference at London Heathrow in November and took along our League Leaders Shield and Grand Final trophy.

“They joined Wigan Warriors with Challenge Cup, Leicester CCC with the T20 Trophy along with the Man of Steel and World Club Challenge Trophies. For Featherstone Rovers to rub shoulders with those mentioned is testament to the progress we are making on and off the field.”