Springer’s response delights Castleford coach

Gadwin Springer.
Gadwin Springer.

Castleford Tigers boss Daryl Powell has praised Gadwin Springer for the way he responded to being left out for a game with a strong running display against Huddersfield Giants.

Springer was left out for “form” reasons against his former club Catalans, the previous week, but bounced back with a display off the bench that impressed his head coach.

Powell said: “I was pleased with him, I thought he responded well.

“I had a talk to Gad about a few things in his game and I thought he was good, really good.

“He’s still a young prop, I think you tend to forget that, who is growing and developing. He expects really big things of himself and he just needs to maintain his standards on a weekly basis because he is a big, physical human being who can do some damage on the rugby league field.

”We just need him playing at his best and doing all the little things we need him to.”

Powell, who left out another prop, Andy Lynch, against Huddersfield, will be looking for similar reactions for any players he leaves out in future weeks

He said: “I had a good chat with Andy. It’s coming up with a plan to get someone back to where they need to be.

“It was a tough call, they’re tough calls when you’ve got experienced players who’ve been awesome servants of the club, but it is what it is.

“I remember getting left out myself. You don’t like it, but you respond. If you’ve got the right mentality, which these guys have, you respond in the right way, which is you come back with an improved performance.

“That’s key for us, we want people to be playing on top of their game, but nobody - it doesn’t matter who they are - are on top of their game every single week.

“We’ve got to get 17 players who are on top of their game out there every week if we can. If you’ve got the healthy bodies it gives you a chance.”