Tigers coach praises Magic atmosphere

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CASTLEFORD Tigers coach Terry Matterson (pictured) believes the Rugby League should stick to its guns with the Magic Weekend start to the Super League season.

All 14 teams began their campaigns in a huge festival of rugby at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium and the Tigers boss reckoned it was a great advert for the sport.

“I thought Millennium Magic was good. It was disappointing there weren’t more people there, but I thought the atmosphere was great,” said Matterson.

“I went round the ground and watched Huddersfield and the atmosphere in behind the stadium was great.

“The people were really good and I think the concept is fantastic.

“I wonder why more people didn’t go down. I understand that times are tough, but it’s a wonderful weekend and a great place to have it.

“Looking at the option to have it up north might help. Obviously financially it would be better for fans so it might be something they have to look at.”