Tigers star apologises for ‘pole dance’ article

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CASTLEFORD Tigers star Ryan McGoldrick has issued an apology for an article in a national newspaper that has landed him in hot water with the club.

The Australian (pictured) was quoted in the paper as saying he had built a nightclub in his back garden, equipped with a pole for pole dancing, but he has now issued a statement in which he said sorry for any offence caused.

He said: “I just want to apologise for some of the upset that has been caused in some quarters.

“The recent article I did was tongue-in-cheek and was intended to be that way. I however realise that some people have been offended and for this I apologise.

“The whole story was meant to be a little bit of fun and as a light hearted article.

“I also want to apologise to Terry (Matterson), the players and their wives/girlfriends. I’m sorry that Terry’s name was put to the story as there was no relevance or need.

“Terry has created a tight knit unit who have worked hard to create a professional, successful culture at Castleford Tigers.

“I’m just looking to get back on the field as soon as possible and help continue the success Terry and the players have already created.”

McGoldrick will now face the club’s disciplinary board.