Brodsworth’s move to play at Rovers is off

Simon Riley, Featherstone Rovers chief executive
Simon Riley, Featherstone Rovers chief executive

BRODSWORTH Football Club’s proposed move to Featherstone Rovers’ Bigfellas Stadium has fallen through.

The Northern Counties East League team will have to look elsewhere for a new ground after Rovers pulled out of a deal discussed between the two clubs.

Rovers chief executive Simon Riley explained that Brodsworth had jumped the gun in announcing their intention to move to Featherstone.

He said: “It wasn’t signed, sealed and delivered. We had obviously spoken to Brodsworth and also the Northern Counties Football League, but after lengthy consideration we’ve decided to decline the offer of Brodsworth to play football here from this season onwards.

“There’s no specific reasons for that and we’re not against having a football team here in the future, we just didn’t feel this was the right opportunity for us.

“We never actually reached agreement, they were just advanced discussions and certainly never beyond that.

“I wouldn’t like to rule it out completely that they could play here, but it’s unlikely that we would link up with Brodsworth.

“Certainly for this season we are going to put it on the back burner, but what we’d prefer to look at would be developing something new here if football is a route we are going to go down and utilising the existing teams within Featherstone. But it’s all big ifs if we ever go down this route again.

“We are looking to develop Featherstone Rovers as a sporting hub and we’re not against bringing various sports down to the rugby club to expand and make it an all year round stadium. But it’s got to be right for the club at and we just didn’t feel that this deal on this occasion was the right one.”