Competition for places pleases Featherstone coach

Andy Hay: "I need players competing with each other."
Andy Hay: "I need players competing with each other."

Featherstone Rovers coach Andy Hay believes keen competition for places will help bring the best out of his squad this season.

“We’ve got a good sized squad and we’ve got some juniors coming through as well so there’s real competition around the place,” he said.

“I need players competing with each other. No matter how good a team you’ve got, if you haven’t got competition and players looking over their shoulders they tend to get complacent.

“I thought we did that a little bit in the recent game against Batley and we’ve got to fix that up because we can’t afford to drop our guard at any time.

“It’s going to be a tough competition and I think the Batley game proved that to us. It’s going to good for me having these selection problems because at the end of last season we finished up with around 17 or 18 players.

“We’ve still got our ears to the ground if anyone else becomes available.

“If players are available and are going to do a job for us, we will have a look at them but I’m pretty happy at the minute.”