Featherstone chief concerned about dual registration

Craig Poskitt
Craig Poskitt

FEATHERSTONE Rovers chief executive Craig Poskitt has spoken out about concerns over Championship sides’ increasing use of players on dual registration with Super League clubs.

With the vast majority of clubs in next year’s 14-team Championship already signing dual registered players squads are being bolstered by potential young stars in need of first team experience and Poskitt believes there is a growing danger the competition could become simply a feeder for the Super League.

He said: “I think there could be some serious considerations for the credibility of the Championship.

“Dual registration has been in the public domain for a while and how it’s going to work with feeder clubs. From our point of view I just want to put out that it’s something we never considered.

“As a club we prefer to stand alone, but I think with other Championship clubs to be able to bring players in from Super League sides then credibility is in question.

“We get no central funding from the RFL as a Championship club, but we want to run like a Super League club with a young set up, a scholarship and an academy. It’s all self funded so it seems we are getting a rough ride from our point with the RFL wanting us to help kids playing rugby league.

“It just adds to our frustrations. Is the Championship actually a championship or is it just a feeder for the hierarchy? It’s a massive concern.”

Poskitt fears that the use of dual registered players could put players currently plying their trade in the lower divisions out of the game.

He said: “We’re going to be playing teams next year with younger players who have been dual registered out from Super League clubs and there’s a danger they will be putting some players out of the game.

“The trend is when players get into their early twenties and not feel they’ve made it they drop out of the game all together.

“You don’t see many at Cas or Featherstone or wherever when they are crossed off at 20 or 21 going on to play for community clubs or amateur clubs.

“There’s only a few clubs in the Championship who are not going down the dual reg route and I’m just concerned at the implications for the game.”