Featherstone coach Duffy: Champion sides find a way to win

Featherstone Rovers coach John Duffy. Picture: Dec Hayes.
Featherstone Rovers coach John Duffy. Picture: Dec Hayes.

Another valuable two points they may have picked up in their top four quest, but Featherstone Rovers boss John Duffy did not reckon his side’s game at Barrow was much of a spectacle.

Duffy was frustrated at the lack of flow in the game at times, although he was pleased that Rovers found a way to win in what was always going to be a testing encounter against opponents with a proud long unbeaten home record prior to Sunday.

He said: “It was a really ugly game, not the best to watch.

“We didn’t adapt very well to the way the game panned out, the ruck and some calls that went against us.

“Some of them were 100 per cent knock-ons because it was a messy ruck, but we spoke about that before the game – just taking that extra second to play the ball.

“I think we did five, just not playing the ball correctly, which is poor from us. We expect better at our club, but it was a good win, it is always tough going there, adapting to the surroundings and everything that goes on on the way up on the bus.

“It was messier than I thought it would be.

“I am just glad we got the win. They have got a great home record, but we found a way to win and I think a champion side always finds a way to win.

“That’s what we’ve got at Featherstone.”