Featherstone Rovers players head to Spain for five-day training camp

John Duffy: "The camp will be fantastic for us."
John Duffy: "The camp will be fantastic for us."

FEATHERSTONE Rovers players and coaching staff will arrive in Spain this afternoon (Sunday) for a five-day warm-weather training camp at Alicante’s Torrevieja Sports City.

Coach John Duffy believes it will enable Rovers to do “crucial work” in their pre-season preparations.

“The camp is designed for us to avoid missing sessions due to poor weather conditions, waterlogged and frozen pitches throughout January,” said Duffy.

“We cannot afford to be sat around in the UK waiting for conditions to improve. Given what is at stake next year - and what we are aiming to achieve - it is a risk we do not want to take.

“In the five days we are over in Spain, we will get through around three weeks’ worth of crucial work, largely due to the consistently dry conditions.

“We are now less than four weeks away from the start of arguably the toughest-ever Championship season and have to hit the ground running.

“There is no time to waste for us and we will not be easing into the league campaign.”

The club has invested significantly in the warm-weather camp, with players, staff and directors also making contributions.

“The camp will be fantastic for us and everyone involved with the club recognises this,” added Duffy.

“The players and staff have paid towards the trip and the club has worked hard over the closed season to ensure our desire to travel to Spain came to fruition.

“I would like to take this opportunity thank everyone concerned for their efforts in making this a reality.”