LD Nutrition to remain partners with Featherstone Rovers

LD Nutrition Stadium
LD Nutrition Stadium

LD Nutrition are continuing their partnership with Featherstone Rovers for the 2019 season.

After becoming Featherstone’s official nutrition partner early in 2017, LD Nutrition soon invested a significant financial sum to establish their place as a key shirt sponsor for 2018 and as Featherstone’s principal naming rights partner.

They are shirt sponsors once again for 2019 and Featherstone’s home will continue to be referred to as the LD Nutrition Stadium.

Rovers general manager Davide Longo said: “We are delighted to be continuing our partnership with LD Nutrition.

“When they came on board they’re key priority was brand awareness and I certainly think we’ve delivered on that front.

“This partnership has become more than that, though, and Featherstone Rovers have formed a close relationship with LD Nutrition.

“We are always thrilled to see our partners succeed and the expansion of LD Nutrition since they have increased their involvement with us, has been particularly pleasing to see.”

Lee Westerman, head chef and owner of LD Nutrition, said: “When we started at Featherstone Rovers, it was in a small way and we worked our way up to becoming the principal naming rights partner, like you see now. The relationship with the club has gone from strength to strength, as has LD Nutrition.

“We have other outlets across West Yorkshire and going into South Yorkshire now, but we started out in Featherstone and that’s where our main store is.

“I think that helps us – being in the middle of Station Lane, where Featherstone Rovers are. It’s in the heart of the community. The business is only two years old and it seems to have rocketed, with us up to 12 collection points.

“We’re looking to expand further and go the full way across Yorkshire.”

Westerman added: “Me and my family have all supported Featherstone for a long time.

“I’ve got a good relationship with Davide and with Featherstone Rovers as a whole. It works really well and goes both ways. Obviously we look after the players food and that’s just one part of what has always been a close relationship.”

LD Nutrition’s ties to Featherstone have become stronger in 2018 as they signed up to the Featherstone Rovers business directory. Anyone interested in joining the directory ahead of the 2019 season can email Rovers commercial manager Karl Pratt at karl.pratt@featherstonerovers.co.uk