Powell delighted with youngsters

17th May 2009.   Featherstone Rovers coach Daryl Powell.
17th May 2009. Featherstone Rovers coach Daryl Powell.

FEATHERSTONE Rovers coach Daryl Powell (pictured) is delighted with the way the club’s young players have performed in pre-season victories against Oldham, Gateshead Thunder and Hunslet Hawks.

He said: “I think they have acquitted themselves outstandingly well in games against first-team opposition. Quite a lot of them have enhanced their reputations as players within the club.

“A few players have been trialists and they’ve gone pretty well. I will be talking to Danny Evans (reserve team coach) about them in the coming week and we’ll look to take that forward.

“I know some people have been a bit disgruntled that we haven’t played our first team up to now but we are focussing on trying to help players develop and we need the time to physically develop them.

“The last few weeks has been crucial for us especially with us losing so much time to bad weather. I recognise that people want to see the first-team playing all the time but we’ve won games and I’ve been able to see what players have got when they are up against really stiff opposition so I think it’s been pretty valuable all round.”

Meanwhile, Rovers season ticket sales for the new season are set to show an increase of at least 20 per cent on last year.

Rovers director Andrew McNeil said: “Once renewals are complete, and the customary last minute rush is out of the way, it looks as though our 2011 season ticket campaign will have succeeded.

“Working on our support base is a priority, from a business point of view, and because we want as many people as possible to share being part of Rovers with us.

“It’s all part of the snowball effect of our drive forwards.

“We are determined to develop our stadium to make an unignorable Super League bid when the time is right and we are determined to develop quality players and to be able to keep them.”

Meanwhile, a new branch of the Featherstone Rovers Supporters Club has been formed at the town’s Green Lane Working Men’s Club.

Green Lane WMC branch intend running coaches to all Rovers away games this season.

There has already been plenty of interest shown by people wishing to become members.

Anyone wanting more details about joining the branch can contact Bill Mulroe at Green Lane WMC on 01977-792229.