Rovers boss looks for improvement

Rovers coach Daryl Powell is happy with the form of Kyle Briggs. PICTURE: BOB NUNN.
Rovers coach Daryl Powell is happy with the form of Kyle Briggs. PICTURE: BOB NUNN.

Coach Daryl Powell says Featherstone need to play better.

Championship leaders Rovers boast a 100 per cent record this season but Powell is not entirely satisfied.

“I’m delighted we’ve been able to win our first four games which was a focus for us but the message is we need to improve,” he said.

“Individually and collectively we can be much better than we were against Hunslet last Sunday.

“We haven’t conceded a point in the first-half in the last two matches but we’ve got a bit loose in the second-half.

“I thought we opened up Hunslet all over the place in the second-half but the last pass tended to go to ground and that took the gloss off a good first-half performance.

“For the 80 minutes we weren’t quite on our standards and it’s something we need to talk about.

“We’ve got through our first block of four games and we’ll evaluate it as a group and look to move on and improve.

“It’s about us re-focusing on our team goals and making sure we perform. If we perform then we know we are a pretty tough team to beat.”

Powell is pleased with Kyle Briggs’s form in the opening matches.

“I think Kyle Briggs is playing really well. He’s tough and aggressive and he’s defending well,” he said.

“His line breaks at the weekend were pretty incisive and I’m happy with the way he’s slotted in.”

Powell is happy with the performances of the club’s under 19s and under 20s.

He said: “The under 19s are playing well. They need to chop down on the number of points they are conceding but they are certainly scoring enough to win games and that’s a real positive. Matt Bramald has done an outstanding job and Ryan Sheridan is supporting him really well with his development.

“I’m happy where is it going with the under 19s and under 20s.”

Rovers under 20s host South Wales Scorpions at Big Fellas Stadium on Saturday (2.30pm kick-off). Admission is £3 adults and £1 concessions.

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