Rovers coach: New centre has ‘enormous benefits’

There will be an official opening for Featherstone's new Centre of Excellence.
There will be an official opening for Featherstone's new Centre of Excellence.

Coach John Bastian says Featherstone’s players are already reaping the benefits of the club’s new Centre of Excellence.

The specialist training barn, which involves an investment of more than £300,000, will be used by all the teams at Rovers including the Academy. It has state of the art training equipment, wrestling area, indoor sprint track and new offices, including physiotherapy, rehabilitation and video playback areas.

“We are working in it now and we can see the enormous benefits of it and the fact that the squad can train in one place,” said Bastian.

“You can have one group doing weights and another group doing conditioning or skills on the mats. On Monday, some of the lads who had niggling injuries were doing rehab work on the track.

“It gives us some enormous benefits when it comes to utilising the full squad and being able to have everyone in the same place.

“It means that whatever the weather – unless it’s five foot of snow and players can’t get there – you can keep training.

“We’ve some little bits of work to do it to make it really elite. I think when we do that and get the little areas tidied up we will have a fantastic venue for many, many generations of players at Featherstone Rovers.

“We will have an official opening for the centre. When you build a facility like that it needs to be recognised and it needs an official opening.

“We’ve got to credit the foresight of the club and certainly our leader in Mark Campbell (club chairman) who has put a lot of time and effort and financial support into the Centre of Excellence.”

Redevelopment of the Railway End of Featherstone’s ground is also making rapid progress.

The project, which is being driven and managed by former Rovers player and chairman Paul Coventry, involves recycling two modern stands from the former home of Scarborough Football Club.

“The volunteers are doing an outstanding job in building the new stand and it’s all facilitating our preparations to get into Super League,” added Bastian.

“We are doing it the right way. We are preparing the ground and improving the facilities so that spectators have a better stadium and hopefully have a better experience when they come to games.

“The high performance facilities are great for the players for training. It’s great to attract new players and it’s great to attract and develop staff as well.”

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