Rovers support new RL structures and TV deal

Rovers chairman Mark Campbell (left) with RFL chief executive Nigel Wood.
Rovers chairman Mark Campbell (left) with RFL chief executive Nigel Wood.

Featherstone Rovers “fully support” the new structures that will see the return of promotion and relegation in 2015.

Rovers have also given their backing to the RFL’s new long-term deal with Sky TV.

The latest meeting of Championship clubs and the RFL was held at Featherstone’s Big Fellas Stadium.

The RFL, represented by Nigel Wood, Ralph Rimmer and Blake Solly, presented information to all Championship clubs outlining the new structures.

Afterwards, Rovers chief executive Craig Poskitt said: “As a club we fully support the new structures put in place and congratulate the RFL executive on securing a record, long term TV deal with Sky that will bring stability to the sport.

“All at Featherstone are excited by recent developments and incentivised by the new structures being put in place. We are under no illusions that there is a lot of hard work ahead to get where we want to be.

“I know as a club we can see the bigger picture and are particularly excited about the commercial opportunities that promotion and relegation can represent.”

On hosting the meeting, Mr Poskitt added: “We have excellent facilities at the Big Fellas Stadium and it is an asset that currently is underutilised. It was a good learning experience too for our commercial manager Paul Taylor who observed the meeting. It also provided us with an opportunity to showcase the redevelopment of the Railway End of the stadium and our new Centre of Excellence.”

Nigel Wood, the RFL’s chief executive, said: “We would like to thank Featherstone Rovers for their warm hospitality. It was particularly interesting to see the ground redevelopments taking place which is a unique and inspiring project. I was also impressed with the new Centre of Excellence and was given an informative tour by chairman Mark Campbell. It is good to see a forward thinking club plan for the future in a sustainable fashion.”