Volunteers praised for ‘wonderful help’

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FEATHERSTONE Rovers chief executive Simon Riley (pictured) has paid tribute to volunteers who have helped to bring two new spectactor stands to Bigfellas Stadium.

Two stands at the former Scarborough Football Club Stadium are being given a new lease of life after Rovers volunteers helped dismantle them. They will be rebuilt at their new home at Featherstone next year.

Mr Riley said: “The majority of the stuff is now taken down at Scarborough and it is being transported to Featherstone. We are currently getting two or three deliveries every day on weekdays of concrete steps and terracing and then the steel work will follow. There is probably about three or four more weeks of deliveries. It’s such heavy stuff that you can only take it in small quantities.

“We’ll then need to have a look at it and see what needs repairs and what doesn’t. We’ll need to repaint all the steelwork and things like that and look to rebuild it.

“Volunteers from the club have been going over to Scarborough and doing a lot of the time consuming jobs.

“The majority of the seats had been stolen from the stands but the nuts and bolts that held them in place and all the frameworks were still there. It’s things like that that the volunteers have been brilliant with. It’s not technical stuff but it’s a very time consuming element and the volunteers have been a wonderful help without a doubt.

“It’s been really good and it’s also been a really good atmosphere among everyone involved.

“We’ve now got more fans coming to the ground asking how they can help. We’ve told them there’s certainly going to be stuff for them to help with going forward but at the moment it’s just a case of bringing big pieces of concrete back from Scarborough. Once everything is sorted we’ll let fans know and invite people back down.

“We are looking to get the stands erected as early as possible in 2012. Obviously it’s subject to planning and things like that. We are still in negotiations with the council. They are positive negotiations - we are working really well with them - to work out what the best options are available to us.

“There are a number of options regarding how we do things so are having really good dialogue with the council to try to work which is the best route to go down.

“It’s our land and it’s a stadium anyway so it’s unlikely the planning issue is going to be problematic but obviously we’ve still got to go through the process.

“What we are trying to do is maximise the facilities we’ve got and the land we’ve got and put in one large planning bid that incorporates everything we want to do in the longer term rather go sort of piecemeal.

“In theory, we are applying for planning permission for more than we are certainly going to be doing in phase one but it will be there for the future phases we are planning.

“We are hoping to receive planning permission around February time.”

Meanwhile, Featherstone’s annual bonfire at Bigfellas Stadium on Saturday evening was a huge success.

Said Mr Riley: “We’d like to thank everyone for coming down and we look forward to seeing them again.

“Hopefully, they enjoyed the atmosphere at Featherstone and they’ll want to keep coming back.”

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