Longo calls on Featherstone Rovers fans to turn out on the terraces

Featherstone Rovers chief executive Davide Longo
Featherstone Rovers chief executive Davide Longo

Featherstone Rovers’ chief executive Davide Longo has called on fans to show their support “from the stands.”

In a message to supporters, Longo insisted that the more fans that come through the gates at the LD Nutrition Stadium, the easier it will be for the club to compete at the top end of the Championship.

Longo said: “Supporters and businesses have a crucial role to play in Featherstone’s success this season.

“Having a team in the Betfred Championship is a huge benefit to the local community and this needs to be acknowledged. So, my message to the people of the Featherstone and the wider area is simple.

“The more supporters who turn up on a matchday, the easier it is going to be to make the numbers work and put a team on the pitch to compete at the highest level in the Championship, because it gives us that financial base to work from.

“Support the team from the stands rather than behind a mobile device. Bring a friend on Sunday, buy a pint and enjoy what is set to be a great occasion.”