Winning margin flatters Pontefract’s opponents

Pontefract lost 7-1 to Harrogate.
Pontefract lost 7-1 to Harrogate.

Yorkshire Chess League Division Two strugglers Pontefract lost 7-1 to Harrogate who were flattered by the winning margin.

Pontefract’s Steve Parker and Colin Procter achieved excellent draws on the top two boards in a match that was closer than the score suggests.

Pontefract’s Norman Carr was forced to resign after he lost a rook to a strong king attack and then another rook.

Chris Roche battled well in defeat.

Parker gained a draw in a tight game and Procter also share the spoils in even end game and with his opponent behind on time.

Pete Gray was in a commanding position but paid dear for a missed a knight sack.

Mike Farley used a rook- knight combination to open up his opponent’s king but the Harrogate player hit back to win.

Bill Pinder looked set for a certain draw in a pawn ending but a promoted pawn proved his undoing.