Pontefract artist's magical Wall Murals are helping children sleep in their own beds at night

Rachel List’s hand painted wall murals are turning children's bedrooms into their very own, unique fantasy land.

Monday, 18th November 2019, 12:25 pm
Rachel List, the painter from Pontefract, tells us about her unique day to day job...

The painter from Pontefract says the wall murals are much more than just paintings - they have been proven to help children sleep better in their own beds, following the hard transition from mum and dad's room into their own space.

Rachel said: “My daughter is three and has always stayed in mine and my husbands bed, but now she has princesses on her bedroom wall, she wants to be in her own room.

“I’ve had other clients tell me their kids are happy to stay in their own bedrooms thanks to their wall mural.”

Rachel also creates canvases

“People film their kids walking into their new painted room for the first time, watching the reaction videos they send me is always really nice.

Rachel is the sole boss and employee of her own business ‘RadGurlToTheRescue,’ in which she specialises in creating children's bedroom wall art.

Her magical designs have helped to build her a loyal clientele, social media following and a career as a freelance artist.

She designs and paints freehand. Her custom style walls are always in popular demand, particularly her Disney ones.

The painter from Pontefractsays the wall murals are much more than just paintings...

Rachel said: “A big part of my service is my creativity, not just my ability as an artist.

"I want the kids to feel like they’re in the room with the characters, I love painting 3D wall art."

The painter considers herself very lucky to have a job in the craft she loves. Her favourite part of the job is seeing children's reactions when they see their new bedroom wall for the first time.

“I am doing something different nearly every day. The customer tells me a theme or an idea and my favourite jobs are the ones where I’m given creative control to run with it.

She designs and paints all freehand. Her custom style walls are always in popular demand, particularly her Disney ones.

“I can go off photos and references, but it’s always nicer when it’s one hundred percent custom. Nobody else will have a wall like it.

“I’m constantly working, when I’m not painting I’m taking quotes. But it doesn't feel like work, I look forward to it every day and I go into each job happy.”

Some of Rachel’s work is on display in the town, she painted Pontefract's Play Den wall murals.

Rachel said: “My daughter is three, so she goes to the Play Den a lot - she knows her mummy painted the wall art in there.

Her work is also available to look at in the Play Den in Pontefract

“Every mural I paint gives me that feeling of accomplishment, that’s one of the best bits about my job.”

“As a woman it’s empowering to be my own boss, I’ve proven to myself that I can stand on my own two feet and that I’ve worked so hard for everything I’ve got.”

To see more of Rachel's creations click here: RadGurlToTheRescue