TV Choice: Five of the best shows this week


Lowdown on the listings - what to watch or record from Saturday January 20.

McMafia, BBC One, Sunday, 9pm

Inside No. 9

Semiyon’s fortunes continue to rise but he and Alex disagree on how to proceed, with Alex wanting to turn the pressure up on Vadim (Merab Ninidze).In the UK, Alex and Rebecca (Juliet Rylance) announce their engagement - but it is clear he is distracted.

Inside No. 9, BBC Two, Tuesday, 10pm

To Have And To Hold: Adrian spends his time photographing other couples’ weddings, but his own marriage to Harriet is far from happy. Can they renew their vows, spice up their love life and make a fresh start, or have they just run out of love, trust and time?

Death In Paradise, BBC One, Thursday, 9pm

Death In Paradise

DI Mooney and the team find themselves embroiled in the mysterious world of faith healing, when loyal follower Fabienne dies on stage in the hands of renowned healer Steadman King. As the team dig deeper into Fabienne’s past, suspicion falls upon her nephew Dashel and Steadman’s wife Amelia.

Kiri, Channel 4, Wednesday, 9pm

Part three of the drama about an abducted black girl, Kiri who was due to be adopted by a white foster family. Alice and Jim are shocked to hear from DI Mercer that the police case against Nate might not be straightforward after all and everything may not be as it seemed.

Great Art, ITV, Thursday, 10.45pm


Every Rembrandt exhibition is eagerly anticipated, but a once-in-a-lifetime show at London’s National Gallery and Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum was remarkable. Given exclusive, privileged access to both galleries, the film documents this landmark exhibition.

Great Art

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