TV Choice: Five of the best shows this week

Troy: Fall Of A City

Make some time for these on the telly.. From Saturday March 3.

Troy: Fall Of A City, BBC One, Saturday, 9.10pm

Strike: Career Of Evil

With the Greeks’ grip on the city tightening, Hector (Tom Weston-Jones) and Paris (Louis Hunter) embark on a dangerous journey to a nearby ally to ask for help. Relying on each other for survival will test and strengthen their bond but Hector discovers the truth about his brother.

Strike: Career Of Evil, BBC One, Sunday, 9pm

Strike visits several London strip clubs in order to find out more about one of the murder suspects, Niall Brockbank.
Robin’s relationship with Matthew has hit a low point and she questions her commitment to marriage. Her mother arrives in London to talk her round.

Collateral, BBC One, Monday, 9pm


As dawn breaks, the police are able to use the video footage Fatima (Ahd Kamel) provided to arrest Mehmet (George Georgiou) and Bhuran (Guy List). Nathan (Nathaniel Martello-White) tips off Sam Spence (John Heffernan) about the arrests. Last episode.

Action Team, ITV 2, Monday, 10pm

Action Team is a spoof comedy action thriller series following the exploits of a special branch of MI6. The team is made up of four secret agents; the heroic Logan Mann, mix martial arts and bomb expert Monica Lang, crack sniper Graham Hooper and Huxley.

The Great Celebrity Bake Off For Stand Up To Cancer, Channel 4, Tuesday, 8pm

Action Team

In the first episode, the four brave celebrities ushered into the Bake Off tent are comedian Harry Hill, Spandau Ballet’s Martin Kemp, actor and writer Roisin Conaty, and veteran broadcaster Bill Turnbull. The first challenge is a bake sale classic - cupcakes.

The Great Celebrity Bake Off

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