Clare jazzes up theatre royal

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LOCAL songstress Clare Teal is “coming home” to dazzle audiences with jazz melodies from her tenth album at Theatre Royal Wakefield this month.

The Keighley-born jazz star has claimed international success as a jazz singer, radio DJ and columnist after finding her swing in a little jazz bar in Wakefield.

Clare said: “I love coming back home, it is a special place to me. One of my first jazz performances was in Wakefield.

“I love playing in Yorkshire trying to energise the younger people to get into jazz music.

“I do a lot of big band music work, which isn’t what all children want to play, but it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you do, to play a musical instrument you just need to use your brain.

“Little local jazz clubs are more important than ever now to help children get excited about different types of music.”

Clare will perform tracks from her tenth album Hey Ho which has a mixture of songs she has written and early 20th century covers.

“The whole idea of the evening is to be uplifting, it is going to be a collection of great songs from over 120 years. There will be a blend of songs in there, from swing to Latin to gospel.

“We have been working on our latest project the Great British Songbook and there will be lots of original material with great songs played by fantastic musicians.

“We try to put a lot of humour into what we do to make the audience feel like part of the evening.

“I just want people to relax and enjoy themselves. We are not trying to break any new boundaries, it is not about being serious, we just want to have a laugh.”

The title of the new album was chosen to represent Clare’s appreciation of British culture and humour.

“It’s all about that keep calm and carry on mentality and the British can apply that to anything.”

Clare will perform on Thursday November 17. Tickets cost £15.50-£18.50, available from www.theatreroyal or 01924 211311.