Get digital with Yorkshire Sculpture Park’s new app

Jaume Plensa, Wilsis, 2016. Courtesy the artist and YSP. Photo � Jonty Wilde
Jaume Plensa, Wilsis, 2016. Courtesy the artist and YSP. Photo � Jonty Wilde

So many people love walking around the beautiful 18th-century landscape at YSP, but I’m one of the very few people lucky enough to do this as part of my job!

As Digital and Interactive Intern, supported by The Space, I move around the Park talking to visitors about our exciting Sculpture Cam web app.

The app sends users on a treasure hunt to seek out ten different sculptures, including works by Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and Sophie Ryder. When you find the sculpture you’re looking for, you take a photo of it from a specific angle, given to you by the app.

On submitting the image, you’re rewarded with a fact about the artist. You can then download and share your images and 3D animations, and spot them on a screen in the visitor centre.

What’s great about Sculpture Cam is that it enhances our visitors’ experiences in different ways. If you’re new to the Park, you might feel overwhelmed by just how much there is to see! With the app, you don’t need to plan a route – you can simply let Sculpture Cam do the work. Seasoned YSP explorers can use the app to find a fresh perspective on their old favourites, and perhaps learn something new about them.

I really like the collaborative nature of the app, in that everyone experiences each sculpture from their own angle, then uploads it to create a combined whole shown in the 3D animation.

There’s opportunity to get more creative, too. It would be great if someone drew the Buddha or did their best impression of The Family of Man from the angle they were given, then uploaded that instead.

I’m glad that one of my favourite sculptures happens to feature on the app – I love Wilsis by Jaume Plensa. When you look across the lake, your eyes are instantly drawn to it, and up close, its size and detail are awe-inspiring. It’s fun to get to as well, as the direct route crosses part of the lake on stepping stones – kids (and big kids) love it!

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