Review - School Boy/Lover

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A Play, a Pie and a Pint is a great concept, go along to the West Yorkshire Playhouse early doors, hand over a tenner and enjoy a drink and a bite to eat while watching a new short play. There are three of these scheduled for the autumn season, the first being School Boy/Lover by Doncaster writer Richard Cameron. It’s a highly entertaining, tightly scripted tale of three friends who come together to help create a school play about the seven ages of man.

All three have problems, both at home and in the classroom, but they forget their worries when they are on the stage and they can shine in their own way.

Ali (Nicola Etoria )is a truculent teenager who has to juggle her schoolwork with caring for her siblings while their mother is in hospital, Leeds-born Etoria is superb, nailing the mannerisms and nuances teachers love to hate; Spowage, played by Waterloo Road’s Dean Smith, a natural comedian, cuts a pathetic figure, he doesn’t get on with his step-father and is forced to doss down in the school hall when it all gets too much. Gaz (David Judge) has to decide which is most important to him, sport or acting and he is placed in an impossible situation. He gets to have a bit of fun though when the local swingers take a shine to him in his shorts.

Forthcoming A Play, a Pie and a Pint nights are scheduled for October 29-November 2 with Marcia Layne’s Bag Lady and Playing the Joker by Anthony Clavane on November 19-23. Box office 0113 213 7700.

By Julie Marshall